Help cooking on a budget


Local families receiving assistance through the Saint Vincent de Paul Society are receiving additional help thanks to Gill McKenna from Deniliquin.

Mrs. McKenna has used her own experiences to develop the Difficult times Ideas and recipes brochure to provide advice on how to feed a family on a budget.

Copies of the brochure are distributed through baskets provided through St. Vincent de Paul.

It includes everything from basic foods you should have at home to recipes and substitutes, as well as many “little tricks”.

“Most of my life I have found myself on a very tight budget,” said Ms. McKenna.

‘Therefore, I have had quite a bit of experience how to feed myself and my family with the bare minimum, and learned a trick or two along the way.

‘‘ People will tell you to “buy in bulk because it is cheaper”, and it is, but it is very difficult to do when you don’t have the money to buy it in the first place.

‘‘ The alternative is to stretch what you have.

“I hope people find some of these tips, tricks, and recipes helpful, especially when things are so uncertain and rare.”

Ms. McKenna explained that the new brochure is a condensed version of it. Cheap, easy and delicious Cook Book

She wrote and compiled the recipes and tips on her own, and is now distributing the condensed version with the help of Deniliquin Rotary and Intereach.

“I tried to focus on reaching people who have a small budget,” he said.

‘‘ Younger generations preferred to bring takeout rather than cook something easy, nutritious, and inexpensive, so I thought this could help teach them how to cook at home.

‘‘ I was recently talking to Wendy (Johnstone) at Intereach and she thought that we could do something to take out right now, where many are struggling and facing new difficulties, so Difficult times Ideas and recipes was created.”

The condensed brochure includes about 45 different ideas and recipes, and it’s free.

For a copy of Difficult times Ideas and recipes, email [email protected].