Hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, testimony of Aaron Zelinsky

Gohmert uses his speaking time to launch conspiracy theories and is nostalgic about their marriage, then says it’s a ‘shame we don’t have a serious audience’

Louie Gohmert

Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas

Screenshot via C-SPAN

When Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas was questioned, he used his time to protest witnesses (particularly former Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer), throw personal accusations at them, and be nostalgic about their marriage.

Here’s a full rundown of Gohmert’s comments:

GOHMERT: “This is unbelievable. Mr. Yesterday, you called Jeff Jensen, a 20-year-old career prosecutor, a political buddy. By the way, do you mind telling the microphone what you said to me earlier when it had been two years past minutes? your time?

YESTERDAY: “I didn’t tell you anything, Congressman.”

GOHMERT: “Well, you just demonstrated your lack of credibility with both [former attorney general Dick] Thornburgh and the people who have followed him have a real basis indeed. And in fact, we’ve rarely had someone with the chip on your shoulder before us. Thornburgh said he believed you were never really close. He said that Bill Barr, and I’m quoting, “was the first deputy I had and that happened when I was two years on the job.”

The Texas congressman hinted that Ayer was “resentful” of his fight with Thornburgh in the early 1990s, when Ayer served directly under him as deputy attorney general. He abruptly resigned yesterday in May 1990 amid intense tensions over Thornburgh’s leadership of the Justice Department. Barr succeeded Ayer as deputy attorney general after Ayer left office.

Gohmert went on to quote Thornburgh’s book on the matter, which read: “Yesterday’s resignation was announced on May 11, Bill Barr succeeded him and proved to be the substitute he needed from the start.”

GOHMERT: So I can understand why you would be resentful 30 years later, but hopefully, at some point, Mr. Yesterday will outgrow his chip. “

He added that he had planned to question Zelinsky, and then tangented about his marriage.

“I understand family matters and, by the way, I am grateful to my wife for staying with me for 42 years today, and there are family issues, yes,” Gohmert said. “It’s much fairer than what we’re doing around here. So 42 years old. Thank you, Kathy.”

Gohmert later attacked the three witnesses called by Democratic lawmakers and said they raised no concerns when the Justice Department under Barack Obama cracked down on local law enforcement officers after determining that authorities had violated the civil rights of the persons.

“And AG Barr had the same concern, that people’s civil rights were being violated by governors or local authorities, and if he had no right to say anything, then the Obama Justice Department also had no right to prosecute local authorities. ” Gohmert said. “But I suppose once again it bears witness to the credibility or lack thereof of the people who have introduced us.”

The Texas Republican then used some time to pitch conspiracy theories about the Russia investigation, saying, inaccurately, that the Obama Justice Department, the FBI, intelligence officials, and the Pentagon came up with an elaborate plan to ” prevent a Republican from becoming President. “

“It is a shame that we do not have a serious audience,” Gohmert said after using most of his time to speak to voice his complaints rather than question witnesses. “It’s just a side show, and it should be called for what it is.”