Hawaii has recorded its first 2 coronavirus deaths amid an outbreak among hill veterans

Yukio has died of his first two coronavirus-related deaths on the island of Hawaii after an outbreak at Okutsu State Veterans Home.

According to Elena Kabatu, director of public affairs at Hilo Medical Center, the home of Avalon Health Care, which runs the house, said the deaths of patients who were in good health were reported at home today, according to Elena Kabatu, director of public affairs at Hilo Medical Center.

One of the patients died on Saturday and the other died on Sunday, Kabatu said. More information about the death was not immediately available, he said.

The latest deaths raise the number of statewide coronavirus-related deaths to 65.

The island of Hawaii has seen a surge in cases over the past week and the total number of those cases today surpassed the total in Maui County for the first time.

Health officials reported 174 new cases Sunday in Oahu, 22 in Hawaii, and four in Mauu County. Big Island’s death was not included in the state health department’s midday telly today.

A total of 7,584 coronavirus cases were reported Sunday by the county since the outbreak, including 7,584 in Oahu, 340 in Hawaii County, 334 in Maui County, and 57 in Kauai County. The statewide total count also includes 24 Hawaiians who were diagnosed outside the state.

As of Sunday, Kabatu said, 27 residents of the Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home, including the two who died, and 10 employees had tested positive.

“The virus is believed to have entered the facility through an employee member. It’s the only way he can be brought to nursing home facilities because he’s been on lockdown since March, “he said.” They took all precautions.

Kabatu said six patients have been hospitalized, 19 are at home te te under covid care, and two have died.

Kabatu said the baseline test of all staff in June came back without any positives. However, a staff member was identified as positive during a random test in August Gust, and another staff member was identified as positive by a private test.

Kabatu said all staff and residents were tested on August 23-24 and re-examined on August 26-27.

“Ultimately we have the majority of test results,” he said. “We will continue testing every three to four days until every negative.”

The Retirement Home opened in November 2007 as the first facility in the state to provide nursing homes and care to retired veterans and eligible veterans. It is named after World War II’s Pe te Yukio Okutsu, a member of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and recipient of the Congressional Medal Hon.