Have you already seen Ninjala?

Arena Brawler celebrates one million downloads

The new multiplayer title from GungHo Online Entertainment Ninjala It is now live, bringing with it a stream of bright and colorful characters, exaggerated weaponry, and more gum than you can stick to the school desk. And it seems things have gotten off to an animated start for the free Switch title.

As noted in the official Ninjala Twitter, Berecca, and their friends have already accumulated an impressive million downloads since the game’s release on June 25. Things were a bit shaky at first, with connectivity-related issues and certain lobbyists, but the tech team has been aware of the situation and it appears these folds are being resolved.

Have you taken a look? Ninjala you still? Although not exactly Splatoon From a gameplay point of view, a comparison in mood, colorful visual style and party atmosphere is inevitable. Hopefully this fun game will find its own dedicated audience. If you took time this week to put on the gum, be sure to send us a note below and share your thoughts.

Ninjala It is available to download now on Nintendo Switch.

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