Harry Styles investing in a new music venue in Manchester

LONDON (AP) – While most music stars are rescheduling tour dates to 2021, Harry Styles is looking ahead and planning to make headlines in his field – putting his money and ideas into it.

Style is one of the investors in the new concert concer 350 million (45 6,456.6 million) concerning the so-called Co-Live in Manchester, England.

The project, unveiled on Monday, builds teams with the Oak View Group in the hope that it will be the UK’s largest sector.

“Until everything is in order by 2023, hopefully they will let me play there. If I haven’t messed with it yet, “Styles said with a smile.

Visited the Globe 10 years later and played a record-breaking stadium game with One-Direction, 26, Style, knowing what he wants from the venue, even as a venue and artist.

“After all, I’m a music fan,” he said. “I like going to shows, I like live music.”

For artists, it wants to create great memories.

Already vetoing the suggestion of backstage jacuzzis (“bad idea”), he is focusing on making it an exciting place to play.

“What makes it different than just traveling? I want it to be a room where people remember to play and look forward to playing. “

The space for styling was also a big draw.

The idea is to give it a “music city” like Manchester, a new, large-scale concert building, “incredibly exciting.”

Styles’ first job was as a paperboy for a co-store at Homes Chapel in Cheshire – delivering newspapers for “a few quids” before school – so working with them now feels like a full circle moment. (Most of their paper root earnings were spent on candy.)

He joked, “Maybe the first show they’ll deliver papers to me on every seat.”

Style’s dad lives in Manchester. The North English city was recently relocated to the UK. Were kept under strict ban by the government due to the number of coronavirus cases.

“It simply came to our notice then. Manchester is coming back. It just will. Like everywhere else, it’s about people protecting each other. “

Epidemic put a stop to his travel plans to support his “Fine Line” album until December 2020.

Styles remain philosophical about this delay. His dates have been moved to 2021 and he said he is more concerned with keeping his crew and fans safe.

Directed by Olivia Wilde and starring Florence Pugh, she is able to use this time to resume acting in “Great Project”, “Mental Thriller”, “Don’t Worry, Darling”.

He’s always writing and working on it, he said, it’s a music switch.

“You try and put yourself into a lot of music and then you’re actively trying to remove it from any acting,” he said. “I’m incredibly lucky to be able to do two things I love to do.”

While he is shooting, Styles avoids social media monitoring of his hair length and instead is releasing a new music video for “Golden”, which was filmed in Italy.

“It’s one of the first songs I’ve ever made and it’s always been a joy for me. And I wanted to make a video that covers this.

“I think it would probably make people a little excited. Encouraged me, ”he said troublingly.