Halo Infinite will apparently feature the enemy of Halo Wars 2

This is Atriox, they won’t be friends.

The Spartans have spent the better part of two decades putting the Covenant in its place. If not Covenant, it is primarily the Floods and Sentinels that are causing problems for the UNSC. However, you would have to play one of the non-FPS aura side games to acclimatize with one of the enemy factions in Halo Infinite.

Today the aura The Twitter account posted the following cryptic provocation:

That is the voice of Atriox, who is the leader of the Banished. Atriox and the Outcasts were introduced at Creative Assembly’s Halo Wars 2 like a faction that parted and rebelled against the Covenant. Here are some additional readings on the deep history of the Banished if you’re so inclined.

Whether the Banished will advance to the front and center remains to be seen, though it seems difficult to imagine a main line. aura the game would not position the Covenant as the main bad guys once again. Xbox has promised a first look at gameplay during its July event. Perhaps there we will learn a little more about Atriox and his crusade to violently destroy everything he finds.

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