Halo Infinite multiplayer bypassed by Phil Spencer

Microsoft has finally unveiled the Halo Infinite campaign, but we haven’t seen multiplayer footage yet. Microsoft will show multiplayer “soon,” but before that, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has offered a provocation on what to expect.

He told iJustine that Halo Infinite will be based on the multiplayer element of Halo 5: Guardians, which was generally well received by fans. She also mocked that the developers of 343 have imposed new “technical challenges” for the multiplayer mode, but Spencer did not elaborate on it. The executive also confirmed that the Halo Infinite multiplayer element was developed alongside professional Halo players in an effort to fine-tune the experience.

“I think the multiplayer mode in Halo Infinite will be special when we talk about it,” said Spencer. “We know that for many people Halo CE started with us charging our Xboxs, plugging them in, and playing console multiplayer, for many of us for the first time. So I’m excited for what we’ll get to see and what we’re going to show I think the team is building on what they did with Halo 5, and the multiplayer mode in Halo 5 was very well received. “

“So it’s great to see the team continue to iterate on things that the community loves.” “Sports players have been very involved in what we are doing [with Halo Infinite] because we know that it is a strong part of the community; Professional players. And there are some technical challenges that the team has come up with in multiplayer that really encourages me to talk about when we get there. Coming Soon! We’ll be able to talk about Halo Infinite multiplayer soon. “

Two of the new teams in Halo Infinite, Grappleshot and Drop Wall, will also appear in multiplayer, though they will be available as pick-ups instead of constant abilities.

Halo 5’s standard multiplayer mode was called Arena, and it was considered a positive step after Halo 4’s multiplayer issues. Halo 5 also introduced a large-scale MOBA mode called Warzone that sees teams of 12 players fighting against enemies of AI and each other.

Halo is known for its multiplayer, so it will be interesting to see how Halo Infinite pushes things forward when the time comes. Microsoft has not announced a future Xbox show or other event to showcase multiplayer, but that should happen relatively soon, as Halo Infinite will launch this holiday as a launch title for Xbox Series X.

The game is also coming to the standard Xbox One, as well as the PC. For more information, see the GameSpot video overview that covers everything you need to know about Halo Infinite.

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