Halle Berry eliminated these three foods from her diet years ago.

  • Halle Berry says her diabetes diagnosis dramatically changed the way she eats.
  • Since then, he has eliminated sugar, white carbohydrates, and conventional wine to control his condition and feel as healthy as possible.
  • Today, Halle enjoys low-sugar berries, low-carb comfort foods like zucchini noodles, and cauliflower puree and organic keto wine.

    As important as the physical state of my life is, I truly believe that what we put in our mouths has the greatest impact on our health in any aspect of our lifestyle.

    I have seen firsthand the profound power of food and throughout my life I have made significant changes to my diet to support my health and wellness. Since I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 22, there are certain foods that I will no longer touch.

    People often ask me if it is difficult to avoid certain foods and if I miss them, what about my answer? No way.

    I admit that it is true that changing the way you eat is often incredibly difficult at first. (Believe me, I remember mood swings and cravings!) But after a while, for me, it was about three weeks, those cravings disappear and the taste buds change. Honestly, I feel infinitely healthier and more vibrant after kicking off a few specific foods, and I wouldn’t go back in the world.

    Of course, everyone’s journey to optimal health looks a little different, but saying goodbye to the following foods has made a big difference for me (particularly when it comes to managing my diabetes).

    one) Sugar

            When I was 19 or 20 years old, just before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was a complete sugar addict. I started the day with some kind of sugary cereal like Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs and always, forever It had a candy bar or some kind of hard candy (Jolly Ranchers and Hot Tamales were my favorites). I was whipped the whole time.

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            However, after my diagnosis, it was like an activated switch. My health was in danger, so I went crazy on my sugar-filled roads. Sweets, desserts and even super sweet fruit came out the window. At first it was hard. I had been so confident in sugar all my life that I had terrible headaches and mood swings when I stopped smoking.

            Within a few weeks, I started to feel better. Finally, my desire to eat sugar completely disappeared. I didn’t even like the taste anymore. Now even if you put a giant dessert plate in front of me, I’m zero percent interested. The only time I eat candy these days is on my children’s birthdays, and that’s for them, not me! I will eat low sugar fruits like blackberries and raspberries, but that’s it.

            2. white carbohydrates

            After giving sugar the boot, I quickly learned that the body breaks down refined carbohydrates directly into sugar, so I removed them to better control my diabetes as well. I gave up rice (yes, even brown rice), pasta, and bread, and never looked back.

            I know some of you wonder How could you swear the bread? But just like with sugar, when you give your body enough time without it, your palette changes and loses its appeal. (Bonus: I no longer miss a beautiful meal in a restaurant because I have filled my bread basket.)

            As I eliminated these white carbohydrates from my diet and learned more about a keto lifestyle, I began to further reduce carbohydrate-rich foods and trade low-carb and high-fat alternatives.

            So instead of mashing potatoes, I’m mashing cauliflower with butter and salt. It is so delicious and creamy that my kids don’t even know the difference. Or, when my kids eat pasta, I go for zucchini noodles. These simple exchanges make it easy for me to enjoy a meal with my children and still nurture my body the way it works for me.

            3. Conventional wine

            For me, the final piece of the puzzle was wine. I have forever I loved the wine, but as I improved the rest of my lifestyle to control my diabetes and feel as healthy as possible, I wondered if there was a better way to enjoy it.

            Wine membership

            Farm dry wines

            When I discovered Dry Farm Wines a few years ago, I was intrigued. Their natural, organic, and biodynamic wines contain no added sugars or chemicals, making them low enough in sugar to be keto friendly and not as alcoholic as the average bottle.

            At first, the earthier and more abundant flavor of these wines took time to get used to, but now I prefer to drink them before anything else. While conventional wines often excited me quickly and left me with a headache, these did not. Again, I wouldn’t go back to the old things for a second.

            Halle Berry is a producer, director and actress. Now known as one of the fittest women in Hollywood, Halle recently launched rē • turn, a community of stories, conversations and products for people seeking health and wellness. In his weekly Wh In the #FitnessFriday column and Instagram posts, she shares a personal look at her own health and fitness, along with the tips, tricks, and tips behind her famous physique.

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