Hall of Fame game canceled: Cowboys-Steelers reportedly canceled, HOF ceremony postponed due to pandemic

In recent weeks, the NFL has discussed shortening the preseason this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and while it is currently unknown how many games could be canceled, it appears that one of them has already gotten the ax.

According to ESPN.com, the NFL decided to cancel the Cowboys-Steelers Hall of Fame game, which was scheduled to be played on August 6 in Canton, Ohio. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine did not seem optimistic about the game when asked about it last week. The league also decided to postpone the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which was supposed to take place on August 8.

The consecration ceremony, which was to include induction of candidates such as Bill Cowher, Jimmy Johnson and Troy Polamalu, will now take place in 2021. The Cowboys and Steelers are also expected to be the two teams playing in the Hall of Justice game. Fame when he returns next year, according to ESPN.

The Steelers and Cowboys are two of at least 10 teams that have had at least one COVID-19 positive player this offseason.

The league’s decision to cancel the game is important, and that’s because it marks the first time this year that the NFL has had to cancel something due to the pandemic. For the past three months, he’s been as close to the NFL’s business as possible, which has kept free agency and his draft. Before Thursday, the only major change the NFL had really made was the decision to withdraw the Las Vegas draft in order to keep it virtually.

As for the rest of the NFL preseason, the league has been discussing the possibility of shortening things from four games to two games, although it has not yet been officially decided. From now on, the training camp is expected to continue as planned. The current plan is for players to arrive at camp on July 28.

Despite the cancellation of the Hall of Fame game, the NFL remains optimistic that the 2020 season may start on time. The league is still finalizing its protocols for the year, and one thing that is sure to happen is a ton of testing. NFLPA Medical Director Thom Mayer announced on June 16 that players will likely be screened up to three times a week to prevent the spread of the virus.

The NFLPA has been doing everything possible to prevent the spread of the virus among players. Over the weekend, the players’ association issued a notice asking players to stop training together. Now that the country is grappling with a spike in cases and a training camp around the corner, the NFL has decided not to risk the virus.