H.H.S. Secretary: Avoiding large gatherings ‘difficult message for all Western democracies’

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar defended the federal government’s progress on the coronavirus epidemic, saying on Sunday that “all Western democracies” were having trouble avoiding large gatherings.

“I think what I’m trying to know is how will the American people take your advice if the President of the United States doesn’t take your advice?” Host Chuck ToddCharles (Chuck) David Todd Trump put NBC in front of the townhall, adding that ‘free time on television’ Chuck Todd indirectly calls former world colleague Olberman ‘someone from the far left’ in the media world, defending the Trump campaign’s lack of COVID. 19 more precautions before the president’s diagnosis Noting this, he asked Azar on “Meet the Press” President TrumpDonald John Trumplette produces ‘encouraging news about testing’ for Munchin-Pelosi call stimulus package, China warns it will detain American citizens following action by Chinese scholars: Musician John Fogarti’s son More about stopped A major event took place in Wisconsin on Saturday, with the state’s HHS classifying it as a “red zone” for community outreach.

Azar replied, “We are seeing an increase in cases in the states, red or blue or open or closed.” “The ticket is in our hands, it’s about those basic public health reduction measures … we have it under our personal control.”

“Why is that message so difficult for the president?” Todd asked.

“I think that’s a difficult message for all Western democracies.” We see that people in Europe are fed up … we are very close. Stop there with us, we are very close. “

Azar claims to be “a week away” from effective vaccines for monoclonal antibodies and viruses.

“What message are we sending, such as participating in indoor events and setting an example as a top public health officer?” Asked Todd, in reference to an indoor event in Fort Myers, Florida.

Azar replied that masks were distributed at the event in question and seating arrangements were made keeping in mind the patterns of social distance.

He added, “We encourage people to wear face wear and I wish everyone out there would wear face wear and maintain social distance.”