Guinness Antelope in the Portsland Trail Blazers route shoots 85%, score 47

Giannis Antetokoun Nampo scored 47 points on Friday night, losing just three shots as the Milwaukee Berks beat the Portland Trail Blazers’ four-game winning streak.

Juru Holiday added 22 points and 10 assists for the Bucks, who led by 24 points during the third quarter.

The game featured two of the league’s best scorers: Damien Lillard averaged 29.8 points in second place in the NBA, while Antelope entered the fifth with 28.3 points.

But Antoine Ompo was in hot hands on Friday, scoring all 18 of his shots inside the 3-point arc. According to ESPN statistics and data, it connects Wilt Chamberlain to the most 2-point field goals made without a miss.

An early 11-0 helped the Bucks to a 19-7 lead. Milwaukee took a 14-point lead during the opening half, but the Blazers closed the gap to 60-53 before going into the break.

Lillard’s 3-pointer got Portland within 60-58 early in the fourth quarter, but the Bucks didn’t let the Blazer get any closer. Milwaukee’s lead in the holiday basket extended to 86-70 and the Bucks captured the quarterfinals 11-1.

Bucks dominates the paint all night, and no more than a two-time MVP. According to the Te Lias Sports Bureau, Antatok oun Nampo outscored the Trail Blazers 47-46 with a two-point range and free-throw line.

The Blazers bench struggled, dropping out of the field for 16 to 0 in the first three quarters. Afarni Simmons hit a 3-pointer early in the fourth to end the drought.

Milwaukee won 112-97 at the Lakers on Wednesday, breaking a three-game losing streak.

The Associated Press contributes to this report.