GTA 6 set in Vice City, online course from GTA to Liberty City remastered later this year

A fairly substantial, but unsubstantiated Grand Theft Auto The rumor has surfaced online, providing putative new details about GTA 6 and the future of GTA Online. Rockstar Games recently confirmed that a new heist is coming. GTA Online along with some great updates later this year. Meanwhile, it has not confirmed a new main line Grand Theft Auto game It is in development, but there have been many rumors, reports, and leaks that say yes.

Official details about the future of GTA Online and GTA 6 They do not currently exist, but as previously mentioned, we have new unofficial details on both. The new information comes as a Gta by the name of “markothemexicam”, which, according to Dexerto, has proven reliable in the past with a few different GTA-related leaks.

According to the filter, GTA Online The next big update will focus on “the elite prostitution business,” which will lead to the opening of the Mile High Club building. This is supposed to be followed by the game’s “final” big update in December 2020, which includes the herald already announced.

For this update, Rockstar Games will take players to a whole new location: Liberty City, the fictional version of the series about New York City. With this, GTA IV Protagonist Niko Bellic, voiced by his original voice actor Michael Hollocik, will return, though it’s unclear in what capacity he will be. That said, the heist will involve stealing gold reserves in the city. There will also be new free mode activities and quick jobs. To do this, Rockstar Games is remastering Liberty City to align it with GTA 5visually

Transition GTA Online, the filter also spoke briefly GTA 6, affirming, like many others, it is set in Vice City and set in the past, although it is not clear what time it will be.

Continuing with the next generation game, the filter added that there will be unique weather systems that will have a real impact on the world and NPCs.

Lastly, they note that they expect the game to be announced next year, but this has not been blocked. And that’s where the details end.

Of course, everything here should be taken with a large grain of salt. Not only is there nothing official here, but even if it is somehow 100 percent accurate, it is also subject to change, especially with GTA 6, which is years away at the moment.

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