Gregg Williams wants Jamal Adams to feel good about being a Jet

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Jets safety Jamal Adams has made no secret that he wants to be traded, but defensive coordinator Gregg Williams plans to have Adams on his team this year.

Williams told reporters today that he loves training Adams, wants to continue training Adams, and wants Adams to feel how much the team values ​​him.

“I want him to feel good about being here,” Williams said.

Williams said he thinks Adams has the potential to be a great Hall of Fame player of all time, and he hopes everything will work out for him to have that career with the Jets.

For his part, Adams has given every indication that he is unhappy with the Jets and wants to go elsewhere. Of course, if the Jets gave him the contract he wanted, Adams could be happy to be a Jet again. If the Jets refuse to trade Adams and also refuse to give him a raise, Adams may not be happy, but Williams will still be happy to coach him.