Google’s redesigned photo app includes a map view

Google is reviewing its Photos app for Android and iOS to bring it more in line with the modern realities of photography. In particular, it includes a map view – you can easily browse all the photos you took on your last vacation (when vacation was still a thing), or remember which corner of the street had that sculpture you liked. This only applies if location tagging is available for your photos, and you can always edit or disable locations.

The renovation to the contrary focuses on a simpler top-level redesign. It has been reduced from four tabs to three, with less used features in those categories. The main Photos section now includes larger, denser packed thumbnails that automatically play videos, and a prominent Memories carousel helps you relive key moments. A Search tab helps you quickly find an old image based on what, where, and who you were capturing. The Library tab is more than just a set – it includes the Albums section, as well as your favorites, your archive, the trash, and (in the US, Canada, and the EU) the print shop. Indeed, Google recognizes that people have giant collections that are not always well organized.