Google Photos Gets 2020 Redesign and Map Feature

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Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

  • The Google Photos application now has a new design. It’s simpler and puts your content and search function at the forefront.
  • There are also some new features on board, with the long-awaited map view being the largest.
  • Google also slightly changed the app’s logo.

Today, Google announced a new redesign for its incredibly popular Google Photos app. Along with a new look, the company is also rolling out some new features and a slightly modified logo.

These new changes are pretty exciting, but don’t worry – they won’t dramatically change your Photos experience. Instead, the changes are meant to make the app even more intuitive and user-friendly, with its content front and center.

Redesign of Google Photos: a new look and new functions

In general, Google has made the photos much simpler. Your photos and videos will be larger on the page, which means much less empty space. The search function is also more prominent. Check out the GIF below to see it in action:

You will probably notice that the Memories bar is more prominent and there is a map view there. This is because Google Photos will now put more emphasis on showing you your old photos and videos, since, according to Google, it is one of the most loved features of its users. There will be more memories and different types, including the media of you and your best friends, travel, etc.

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However, most importantly, you can now hide specific time periods of people from your Memories. That means you no longer need to worry about the app surprising you with photos of your ex-girlfriend or videos of family members who have passed away.

Finally, there is a long-awaited new map view for Photos. This allows you to view the photos you’ve taken on a map so you can easily find the video you shot in the Grand Canyon without having to remember when you took it. Check it out in action below:

As usual, this new design and new features will be rolled out to users over the next week or so. Feel good, it may take a while before they reach your device.

Oh yeah, a ‘new’ logo too

Google also slightly updated the Google Photos logo. The squared edges are gone just like the shaded areas. Take a look at the transformation below:

Fortunately, this new logo is no longer as similar to the Slack messaging app logo. We’re not sure if that’s why Google made the change, but we hope we didn’t accidentally open Slack when we intended to open Photos (or vice versa).

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