Google has hosted its I / O Developers Conference every year since 2008, but the epidemic canceled it this year. Instead, the company has been making small announcements over the last few months, as it did with the Pixel 4A. In the same vein, Google is now planning another virtual event under the current search name. Tomorrow, October 15th, Google intends to focus on the software side of things, especially its main product: search.

The incident was announced by an undercover detective To tweet Gives very little about what you would expect to see early today. You can wait for a hearing on what has changed in search in the past and what lies ahead for the world’s most popular search engine. The tweeted link leads to an almost empty webpage dedicated to search, from where you can add a calendar lender entry directly for Thursday’s event.

You can contact us on Thursday, October 15, in the afternoon at PT by searching on the web page linked below or on the live stream via YouTube.