Google introduces a new privacy setting that gives users more control over their data

It is quite difficult to surf the Internet without using one of Google’s products or applications like YouTube or Google’s search engine and others. It is also common knowledge that Google collects a large amount of user data that at some point has put the company in the eye of the storm. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced that the company is making some changes to the way the tech giant handles new user data.

In the future, Google will implement different privacy updates that will help control the data that is shared with them in a more efficient way. The type of data varies from Google records, search history, location history, YouTube history, location history, to voice commands through the Google Assistant on the My Activity page.

The company introduced an option last year to automatically delete data every 3 months or 18 months for new and existing users. The feature will now be enabled by default for all new users. When the feature is turned off, Google will automatically delete search history, location history, and voice commands for new users every 18 months by default. Also, YouTube search history will be scheduled to automatically delete after 3 years. The company says this is to ensure that it can “continue to make relevant entertainment recommendations” as user preferences change over time.

These newly introduced privacy options won’t be enabled by default on existing Google accounts yet, but Google says it will increase the frequency with which the option will be promoted on affected services. So that the promotional message doesn’t get heavy, users can adjust the frequency of reminders on the Activity Controls page.

Also to help existing Google account users control their privacy settings, Google says it will make it easier for users to control their account controls. This can be done simply by searching for the keywords “Google Privacy Checkup” and “Is my Google account secure?” to access a box with your privacy and security settings.

Also, Google is launching a shortcut to easily enter incognito mode. This can be done by long-pressing your profile picture in Google Search, Maps and YouTube.