Google 3D Animals, Objects: How to make a video of tiger, dog, skeleton and more


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Google 3D Search

Google 3D Animals and Objects has been around Google Search for a while, but it was recently noticed since we are all trapped at home and need some fun in life. It was then that bringing dogs, pandas, dirt and even brains to our living rooms sounded like an idea and took all the boredom away from us, at least for a time. In addition to searching for objects and 3D objects in Google Search and placing them directly in your home, you can also record and instantly click to share on social media and with friends. So, here is how to record the moment a panda sat on his couch and ate bamboo sticks.

Before that, if you are new to the concept of searching for animals and objects in 3D in Google Search through your smartphones, you can read our articles on how to find animals and objects in 3D on Google to find out. What’s more, Google also has a list of devices that support the functionality so you can get to know it and start using your smartphones to find 3D stuff on Google.

How to record Google 3D Animals, Objects on Android, iOS?

You should follow fairly simple steps to get started and register the myriad of 3D objects and animals in Google Search:

  • Go to Google Search
  • Look for any animals, cars, dirt, brains, and more mentioned in the articles mentioned above.
  • Once your search appears on the screen, you need to tap on the ‘View in 3D’ option next to it to search the snippet
  • Now, you will be directed to a separate page where you must select the ‘View in my space’ option (on Android). For iOS, you can choose between the AR and Object options
  • Once the option is selected, you need to move around a bit on your smartphone to place the animals or 3D objects right in front of you

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How to record animals, Google 3D objects

  • After the desired object or animal appears in your room, simply hold down the shutter button on the screen and record a 30-second video. After recording the video, you can save it to your device automatically once you release the shutter button. You can also share the recording by selecting the Share icon located at the top
  • In addition, you can also click on an image of it

We hope that the steps mentioned above help you take a video of your favorite animals or objects in your home so that you can enjoy yourself and not get bored.

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