Goldie Hawn Dish-Dances To OutKast’s ‘Hey Ya!’ In hilarious video

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17 hours ago

Washing up is not a task for fun love Goldie Hawn.

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The actress sends fans a message about staying positive in the hottest way.

While serving dishes on Friday, August 7, the “Overboard” star showed the world how even the toughest tasks can become a good time.

“Washing doesn’t have to be a task, it can be a dance!” wrote Hawn next to a video showing her making some unusual moves after OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” excluded.

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“It’s all up to us,” she added

Also featured in the clip are Hawn’s husband Kurt Russell and her 40-year-old son Boston.

Meanwhile, the family’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is also making a nice comeo.

Kate Hudson’s mother previously shared a video of herself shaking it on her mini-trampoline.

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“Dance, jump and crawl like no one else sees it,” she wrote under the video of her working for Dua Lipa’s “Physical.”

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