Gloomhaven: the best character guide (tips and tricks)


Gloomhaven It combines dungeon dragging and table mechanics with tactical RPG elements. This guide will help players discover who are the best characters.

Gloomhaven Digital is based on the board game of the same name and was released on Steam Early Access in mid-2019. It was developed by Flaming Fowl Studios and published by Asmodee Digital, the publisher behind other digital versions of board games. Gloomhaven It currently features seven playable characters. Adventure Mode includes the core gameplay of a tabletop RPG edition, but with procedurally generated scenarios and an alternative approach to party elements and abilities.

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At present, Gloomhaven Digital is in an alpha phase. When the game initially launched, it did so with four available characters. At the time of writing, there are seven playable characters. The developers aim to provide a full board game campaign experience and a multiplayer cooperative game mode. By the time the game leaves Steam Early Access, there should be 17 characters to choose from as possible party members.

Who are the best characters in Gloomhaven digital?

The Brute is part of a barbaric and primitive race called Inox. Inoxs compensate for their lack of sophistication and intelligence with their size and strength. Brute is a class of Inox, who uses those attributes to brandish a shield and sword. Brutes abandoned life with his people to earn a living by lending his skills to the highest bidder.

Brute is a tank option and starts with a Health of 10. Brutes deal damage. Push abilities allow them to move enemies into traps. Retaliation skills allow them to take damage and then deal it. They start with 13 Mastered Skill cards and can have ten equipped at any time. His Mastered Ability cards include Provocative Roar, Overwhelming Assault, Trample, Eye for an Eye, Sweep Strike, Shield Strike, Slit Jump, Grab, Go, Protective Force, Spare Dagger, Spike, Wall of Doom, and Balanced Measure.

The scoundrel in Gloomhaven Digital is an opportunistic human who always looks for number one and makes sure that what they want is their property, by whatever means necessary. The scoundrel can become invisible, poison enemies, and deal heavy damage under specific conditions. They start with a health of 8.

Scoundrels start with 12 Mastered Skill cards and can have nine equipped at any time. His Mastered Skill Cards include Single Exit, Special Blend, Swift Bow, Flank Strike, Smoke Bomb, Cheat Reversal, Stab, Thief Strike, Swift Hands, Sinister Opportunity, Poison Shiv, and Throwing Knives.

Cragheart is a favorite player who is versatile and fits well in any group. The Savvas are a tough and exclusive race. The Craghearts were members of that society who were banished for failing to master an item. For their failure, they were marked for life by the Savvas, who tore apart their nuclei.

The Cragheart in Gloomhaven Digital is good for both melee and ranged attacks, does area damage, can control crowds, has minor healing abilities, and begins with a health of 10. It has 14 mastered ability cards and can have 11 equipped at any time. His mastered abilities include Opposition Strike, Crushing Grip, Avalanche, Rumbling Advance, Massive Rock, Backup Ammunition, Rock Tunnel, Unstable Agitation, Crater, Earth Tornado, Earth Lump, Strong Storm, Oscillation, and Nature’s Rise.

Tinkerers are of the Quartyl breed, masters of making gadgets and elixirs. They use these tools to explore and discover ancient oddities and are best used as a kind of support for their hobbyists and healings. They can deal damage using potions, items, and gadgets, and the Tinkerer has a health of 8. He has 15 Skill cards mastered at the start of the game and can have 12 equipped at any time. His mastered skills include Proximity Mine, Energizing Tonic, Upgrade Field, Hook Gun, Ink Pump, Net Shooter, Stun Shot, Revitalizing Elixir, Powerful Potents, Volatile Brew, Flamethrower, Restorative Mist, Revitalizing Shock, Toxic Bolt. and harmless gadget.

Spellweavers are orchid sages who can summon powerful natural forces that they then use as focused attacks. The Spellweaver can use elemental magic to attack monsters. The character starts with a Health of 6. He has 11 Master Skill cards at the beginning of the game and can equip eight of them at any time. His mastered abilities include Fire Orbs, Frost Nova, Mana Bolt, Frost Armor, Flame Strike, Impaling Eruption, Reviving Ether, Crackling Air, Aether Aid, Hardened Spikes, and Riding the Wind.

The Mindthief uses psychic attacks, sharp blades, and its little death teeth to attack. This melee character is better suited to more experienced players and can weaken enemies with mind control, upgrade allies, and summon a melee ally. The Mindthief has a health of 6. It has 13 Skilled cards mastered at the beginning of the game and can equip 10 of them at any time. His Mastered Skill cards include Fearsome Blade, Feedback Loop, Submission Affliction, Into the Night, Roer Horde, Perverse Edge, Empathtic Assault, Withering Claw, The Mind’s Weakness, Parasitic Influence, Scurry, Frigid Apaparition and Possession.

Unlike the Cragheart, an Elementalist is a Savvas who has gained mastery of multiple elements. It is capable of manipulating elements, inflicting heavy damage and healing. This character could be more suitable for more experienced players. The Elementalist has a Health of 6. He has 13 Mastered Skill cards at the beginning of the game and can equip 10 of them at any time. His mastered abilities include Formless Power, Aether Shaping, Malleable Evocation, Brilliant Flash, Brutal Enhancement, Pure Gain, Ice Peaks, Frigid Torrent, Hail, Trembling Cyclone, Hell Vortex, Lava Eruption, and Enveloping Shadow.

When it plays Gloomhaven On Steam, the player group composition will be more important than any individual character you can choose from. Players must choose complimentary mercenaries. It is a good idea to choose one mercenary as a tank and the other as a support. Brute and Spellweaver, for example, are better together than Scoundrel and Spellweaver. Some other combinations that players use are Brute and Cragheart, Brute and Scoundrel, Cragheart and Spellweaver, Spellweaver and Tinkerer, and Tinkerer and Mindthief.

In Gloomhaven, which mixes table mechanics with tactical RPG elements, players must experiment with different combinations and see which ones are fun for them. The player must keep an eye on how many cards each character has in total and in his hand. A party that runs out of cards or movement before the end of the stage will not survive.

Gloomhaven Digital is on Steam Early Access with more content to launch before its release later in 2020. Players can’t wait to see how developers will strike the balance between digital and tabletop editions to make the best version of their favorite game.

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Gloomhaven It is available on PC through Steam.

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