Global coronavirus cases have surpassed 38 million

The country’s leading infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fawcett said Tuesday that current efforts toward Covid-19 vaccine development are “really on track” despite news that a second vaccine has been introduced this week.

“A vaccinated couple is very close to getting some kind of information,” Fawcett said during a call with the country’s governors on Tuesday afternoon, according to an audio recording of a call obtained by CNN.

Fau Ki, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, mentioned the vaccine testing by Moderna and Pfizer. “We are reaching a stage where we are almost able to see the data at first glance, which is a predetermined thing to be done by the Data and Security Monitoring Board,” he said.

He said trying more of these vaccines is on a really good path. He added, “We should know by November or December whether there is a safe and effective vaccine.” “It’s imaginative that we might have known before.”

NIAID is helping to sponsor some coronavirus vaccine tests.

“By November or December, at least in one or more of these tests, we will have an initial answer so we can start sharing the groups that need it the most.”

Fawcett told governors not to worry about two vaccines in a clinical trial that have been pending for further investigation in recent weeks. AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine trial in U.S. Is in and Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine was suspended Monday due to a volunteer’s illness.

“I want to emphasize to the governors that this is not an unusual phenomenon. Whenever you have clinical trials in which you involve thousands of individuals, it is not uncommon for the adverse event to occur and with the excess of caution you want it to be unrelated. “The vaccine itself,” Fawcett said, calling the grip, “the standard procedure for doing that.”

“Many good vaccines have actually been temporarily stopped during their testing,” he assured the governor.

Some more references: Hours after President Trump revived efforts to weaken him in public, Fisi commented and tweeted hours after the call for task force governors that Fosky’s pitching arm – referring to his weak first pitch in a national park – was “more accurate than his progress.”

Fauqi’s recommendations and assessments have largely been consistent with public health experts during the coronavirus epidemic, but not aligned with what the president considers his political interests.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azare also reminded the states of the forthcoming deadline to provide vaccine distribution schemes to disease control and prevention centers.

With this Friday, October 16th, Friday, October 16th, the deadline for submitting the vaccine delivery plan to the CDC approaching, we would like to keep in touch with your CDC during this process.