Georgia Football’s latest comprehensive receivers hit the ‘wall’ and are fairly common

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Don’t be surprised by the 2020 season by multi-Hyde-Fresh Freshman Wide receivers

When the Kirby Smart landed at No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 highest rated wide receiver signage in Georgia at the same time in the Smart 2020 recruitment cycle, the Bulldogs were the legal excitement about the talent brought in the giant receiver position. . Add a 5-star tight end to Darnell and Washington Washington as well as fellow signers Justin Robinson and Led McKinney and get an influx of talent to the position whenever orgzia clearly needs it.

The 2011 season clearly showed Georgia’s shortcomings, followed by freshmen George Pickens and Dominic Blalok. The duo led the team in touchdowns catches and yards per catch last season, with graduate transfer Lawrence Cager to the position, proving to be the biggest difference producer.

So, since those freshers have had success, there’s a need to make a case that some of the same young pass catchers from the 20s, to bring the same kind of impact to the 2020 team, right? And with the start of the season delayed, they’ll have more chances to get acquainted with Todd Monken’s new offense, right?

But, after hearing about smart wide receivers and how they looked during the first Schmidt, it’s worth keeping in mind that all of these players were playing high school football last season.

“We removed the wall a bit with some small people,” Smart said. “I don’t think they showed us much today. We don’t have many vert enthusiastic games. “

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It is common for young players to hit a wall during their first fall practice, as common as boarding the wrong bus to get to class. Freshness exists as long as it happens and lasts as long as it lasts.

It’s not all bad for Georgia’s newcomers. Robinson has some bright spots and looks like a player playing his tide ranking game. Blake is now out for the season due to a second ACL injury, with Georgia, the only player ranked 82nd in the country and the third-highest rated receiver, signing the cycle – a chance to earn a chance to play early. Like Robinson, he has popped up in some of the highlight videos he brought out of Georgia football.

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Georgia’s top rated wide receiver in this 2020 class, Marcus Rozmi, also made some early promises by giving a few details on why Terrence Edwards came out.

Edwards said, “It doesn’t leave anything out of what I’m hearing. “I’m not calling him an occupant, but when you need him first, you can go to someone who is comfortable making it regardless of the play. Then whether it is a fought catch or it is open. “

But let’s not pencil them for a strong fresh season, as we saw before the season with Pickens and Blake. And while we’ve been appreciating Pickens and Blake’s performances since 2019, it wasn’t as if they were perfectly formed to start the season.

In games against Power 5 opponents, both were actually relatively ineffective in the early part of the 2019 season. In Georgia’s first three games against the Power 5 enemies in 2019, the Pickens had just three catches for 23 yards, with opponents Vanderbilt, Notre Dame and Tennessee. Blake had just two catches for 19 yards in those same three game periods.

In 2020, Georgia will be the only S.E.C. Playing the schedule, the Bulldogs get no cupcakes for the feast. The first games of Robinson, Burton and Rosemy will be against Arkansas, Ub Burn and Tennessee. That fourth game will also be on the road against Alabama.

It will also place a heavy burden on the selection of Pickens, Demetris Robertson and Caris Jackson, who seem to have set themselves apart as Georgia’s top wide receivers so far.

Even the innovative group is not completely healthy. After arriving in Georgia, Washington underwent surgery to clear his knee injury from his high school days. Arian Smith, the 58th overall player in the 2020 signing class, underwent two surgeries this summer, including one on his knee after injuring his meniscus. Smith is Georgia’s Cygnis ’best player, but at this point, he couldn’t fully put him on display.

And despite Washington Washington’s 5-star ranking, Smart has spent more time discussing his nickname than his field non-field performance.

“It brings a smile to my face because those abusive people call it‘ The Big O ’and it’s big, it’s very big,” Smart said. “I couldn’t get it until they realized it was ‘The Big O’ to wear zero when they said ‘The Big O’.”

Time Georgia can get a lot out of these fresh pass catchers. With the class signing in 2020 now providing more support, Georgia will not have as much of a talent problem as it had in 2019.

But now that Blacklock is out in the 2020 season, it will be even more mandatory for Georgia to get some production from the group.

So Robinson, Burton, Rosemy, Washington Washington and the rest of the people can find a way to climb that fresh wall. And with the difficult 2020 start, they need to do it quickly.

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