Gabe Newell thinks Xbox Series X is better than PS5

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell said Xbox Series X is better than PS5 in his opinion. Speaking to The Project NZ, Newell was asked which of the next-generation two consoles was better, he said bluntly, “The Xbox.” When asked why, he said, “Because it is.”

“I have no interest in that career,” he continued. “Obviously we [Valve] we do most of our development on personal computers, but of the two it would definitely go with an Xbox. “

The legendary developer did not state precise reasons for his opinion. Microsoft has taken advantage of the fact that its console is, on paper, the more powerful of the two machines. You can compare what’s inside each of the next-gen consoles in our Xbox Series X vs. Comparison Chart. PS5.

He appeared on the NZ Project show to discuss his recent stay related to the closure in New Zealand, and the free event he is hosting to thank the country for its hospitality.

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