Full Beaver Moon – Learn to give a partial lunar eclipse as early as Monday

Sky-geysers can be up for treatment until early Sunday night as celestial objects align just right to form a full beaver moon with an early morning lunar eclipse.

Hardcore star-geysers can set their alarms to 2:30 MT when the full moon, nicknamed the Beaver Moon, will pass through Earth’s partial shadow for a punitive lunar eclipse, according to NASA. The eclipse will make the moon a little obscure and can be difficult to know without a telescope, NASA said.

According to Farmer Almanack, Beaver Moon got its name from Native American tribes and European immigrants, who planted beaver traps around this time of year to secure a warm supply of flooring for the winter months.

Skygle Guler can also look forward to the next Geminid meteor shower, which NASA has classified as the best meteor shower of the year. From December 4th to December 20th, the meteor shower is expected to be active. Waking up on the morning of December 13 at night on December 13.

NASA said ideal vision conditions include a dark spot, clear skies and unobstructed view.