Free PS Store credit sent to a small number of PS Plus subscribers

Update (July 28): Now that the dust has settled, it appears that only a small selection of PS Plus subscribers received free credit from Sony’s PS Store. In a Push Square survey, only 4 percent admitted to receiving the gift of nearly 6,000 responses. It seems Sony randomly selected, so good for you if you received the funds.

Update (July 26): From sony still in the process of sending free PS Store credit to PS Plus members, so if you haven’t received your free money yet, consider sitting a little longer. We are listening to reports across the web about people receiving the Sony notification hours after this news came out. In fact, our roaming journalist Robert Ramsey received the cash in the twilight hours this morning, while the rest of the Push Square team has remained tall and dry so far. However, there are reports that the bonus is sent randomly.

We will try to get a clarification from the Japanese giant to see if it is sending the credit in waves, and if all PS Plus members can hope to eventually receive it.

Original story Who doesn’t love free money? Reports are coming in around the world about sending free PlayStation Store credit to PlayStation Plus members. It’s unclear what the requirements are to be eligible for the promotion, aside from being actively subscribed to the Japanese giant’s membership scheme, of course, but it appears that the coin is being distributed worldwide.

In the UK, you will get a very reasonable £ 10 PS Store credit; in the United States, you will get $ 10. Meanwhile, those of you in continental Europe will be eligible for € 10, and so on. If it has been selected, you will receive a notification on your PlayStation 4, alerting you to the cash that has been added to your PS Store wallet.

If you are eligible, you will be notified with a message similar to the one embedded at the top of this article. You can find any Sony correspondence by navigating to the Notifications section on the PS4 dash and then pressing the Options button. Select the ‘From PlayStation’ button, and you should find a new message from the Japanese giant if it has been selected.

All of this coincides perfectly with the company’s summer offer, which has lowered the prices of dozens of titles. You can find more information about it here. Did you get the 10th anniversary sweetener? What do you plan to spend the free PS Store credit on? Please let us know in the comment section below, and for the latest information on the August 2020 PS Plus toll-free line, follow the link.