Fortnite Hosting Christopher Nolan Movie Screenings July 26

The last season of Fortnite updated the map by flooding most of it, but apparently maintaining a convenient location to stream Chris Nolan movies.

FortniteLast season it updated the map by flooding most of it, but apparently maintaining a convenient place to stream Chris Nolan movies.
Image: Epic games

OR The prestige and The beginning of batmandepending on where you are. That’s what about him most popular video game in the world: unlike most movie theater chains Right now, it is open across the planet.

After launching it previously a new trailer for your next time travel but apparently not in time travel mysterious action movie in the video game Epic’s Battle Royale /Content Partnership Multiverse simulatorChristopher Nolan, famous for being That kind when it comes to discussing how important theatrical experience is for the consumption of his films, it is to continue his collaboration with, well, a Fortnite “Movie Nite”. You see what they did there.

The movie event will kick off at 8 p.m. ET this Friday, June 26, with American players flying toward FortniteParty Royale Island and heading to your big screen to watch a live stream of Start, with a broadcast at 11:55 pm for those who got lost, presumably because they were playing Fortnitenew seasonwhere you can pay to be Jason Momoa as he appears in the hit DC movie Aquaman?

What does this Jason Momoa shirtless video game have to do with Tenet?  Absolutely nothing and yet everything, too.

What does this shirtless video game have to do with Jason Momoa? Beginning? Absolutely nothing and yet everything, too.
Image: Epic games

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Yes. This game continues be a lot.

But FortniteThe ability to seemingly be everything to everyone and capture the minds of millions of people across the planet, something is still incredibly rich about Nolan’s collaboration with the game to promote Beginning, that in the world was Battle Royale He has spent the last few months involved in debates about when he would actually debut in the midst of he coronavirus pandemic novel in progress.

Nolan himself inflexible was reported in the movie that maintains its original July release date, even as the movies around it continued to change more and more in the future to account for not only for theater closingsbut because of the fact that even if the theaters were open, people will I still do not know sharp being trapped in a dark room with strangers socially estranged for a few hours while covid-19 cases continued spiraling increasingly out of control. Even when Beginning Finally did delay, it was only for two weeks, unlike the months deferrals from other exummer blockbusters.

How you experience his filmography is vital enough for Nolan that Beginning should be released as soon as possible, coronavirus is condemned; that He too more than happy to promote that launch by transmitting said filmography in a game in which King skywalker you can build a tower with collected materials (from which she can then snipe Deadpool faces) It is a strange thing to reconcile. Much weirder than FortniteThe continued establishment of a pop cultural metaverse, at least.

If you want to know what time and which Nolan movie you will be able to see this Friday, you can check the complete Party Royale international calendar here.

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