Former Civil Rights Activist Says Black Lives Matter Uses ‘Low-Income Black America … To Promote Insurrection’

Former civil rights activist Bob Woodson told Fox Business Network’s Lou Loubbs Tonight on Wednesday that the Black Lives Matter organization has “blood on their hands” and that the corporations that financially support it are “paying for the bricks they are using.” to damage property. and crush livelihoods.

“The pretext for all of this, of course, was to seek social justice and challenge institutional racism, and they used George Floyd as a symbol of that,” Woodson told host Lou Dobbs.

“They’re always looking for other ‘George Floyds,'” Woodson continued. “The head of the Black Lives Matter went to Houston when a 7-year-old girl was murdered and raised $ 100,000 in rewards while anticipating that the person who killed her was white, only to discover that the murderer was black and he was. She is not a story after that. “

Woodson appeared to be referring to the December 2018 death of Jazmine Barnes, 7, in a shooting. The following week, authorities arrested and charged Eric Black Jr., 20, with his murder. According to an NPR report, the local Black Lives Matter chapter wrote on social media at the time that “the attack appears racially motivated and will not continue. Make sure we hold law enforcement to justice for Jazmine Barnes “

“It is not about social justice,” Woodson emphasized. “And, once again, the group uses low-income blacks to promote insurrection in the country and anarchy.”

Woodson also noted the indiscriminate targeting of statues and memorials for destruction and vandalism by alleged anti-racism protesters, including a Boston monument to the all-black 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment, whose feats of the Civil War were immortalized in the 1989 Oscar winning film. , “Glory”.


“So these people are really willing to destroy civil society,” he said. “If a police compound can be taken over by a mafia, why not his house?”

“My message to guilty whites [is] Stop helping us! “Woodson added.” Just stop helping us. “

“There is blood on the hands of Black Lives Matter and these corporations that are paying for the bricks that they are using to throw through the store windows because, as you know, Lou, [during] Last weekend on Father’s Day there was a black on black hemorrhage of death in Chicago, New York and other cities, “he concluded.” It’s out of control because the police have gone out of their way to protect statues. “