Former CDC director: ‘Coronavirus’ certainly has the advantage’

Former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Tom Frieden warned Sunday that despite the optimistic tone of the White House, “without a doubt” the coronavirus “has the advantage.”

Asked by Fox News’s Chris WallaceChristopher (Chris) Wallace, the Minneapolis police union says the members have been “victims of the scapegoat.” Fox News ‘Chris Wallace puts pressure on Trump campaign adviser at Tulsa rally: “People didn’t show up” Public health expert: Trump Tulsa rally met “all” criteria for’ highest risk meetings ‘ PLUS On Vice President Pence’s comments on the virus’s progress, Frieden replied: “There is no doubt that we are doing more testing, our hospitals are better prepared, but there is no doubt that the virus has the advantage.”

“This virus is not going to go away on its own, we have to stop it, and we can only do it by working together,” he added. “We are all sick and tired of staying home, but the virus is not tired of making us sick.”

Frieden attributed the sharp increases in cases in several southern and western states to premature reopens.

“If you open while cases continue to rise, as many states did, it’s like leaning toward a left hook, you’re going to be hit hard,” he said.

“This is why the three Ws are so important: wear a mask, wash your hands, or use disinfectant and monitor your distance,” he added.

Frieden also urged Americans not to see mitigation measures as an obstacle to economic recovery.

“Public health and health problems don’t stand in the way of our recovery, they are the way to our recovery,” he said.

Asked by Wallace about the apparent decline in death rates even as cases rise, Frieden said there were several possible explanations, including a delay of about a month until new cases progress to the point of death.

He added “the [new] the cases seem to be in younger people now, and the death rate is much, much lower in younger people than in older people. “

Wallace also asked Frieden about President TrumpDonald John Trump Four men accused of trying to tear down Andrew Jackson statue in DC Video shows retired workers signs of social estrangement ahead of Trump Tulsa rally: WaPo Biden criticizes Trump for failing to sanction Russia for the intelligence of the “rewards” of Afghan militants MOREFrequent projections that a vaccine against the virus will be ready and available in the very near future, to which Frieden highlighted the need to ensure that such a vaccine is safe and effective before widespread distribution.

“We can’t cut any corner, we have to make sure it’s safe, effective, deciding who will get it first … this is not a quick fix,” he said.