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  • The Marvel movies and TV series that will be used to knit the next Final gameA similar story will introduce the best Marvel villain so far.
  • Thanos is the most iconic MCU villain right now, and everyone else pales in comparison. But Thanos died in Final game more than once, and a new antihero will be needed for upcoming movies and series.
  • A source familiar with Marvel’s plans says the studio will take its time developing the new mega-villain that the Avengers will soon have to face.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is on a hiatus right now, as the coronavirus pandemic is still in full swing. It is not known when the world will actually be able to contain the disease. The recent resurgence of COVID-19 in the US is the best proof of what can happen to communities after its reopening. Going to the movies should be out of the question right now and Black widowThe November premiere cannot be guaranteed. Last week Christopher’s Nolan Beginning was rejected once again. Recording other movies and TV series that are part of MCU Phase 4 could be equally daunting. The falcon and the winter soldier Filming was supposed to resume in the Czech Republic this summer, but the European Union can ban travel from the US as long as the number of coronavirus cases remains high in the United States.

Of course, Marvel is still working behind the scenes on the future of its cinematic universe, and we saw a number of reports in the past few days detailing the progress on various Phase 4 projects. One of the latest rumors is also very exciting. It tells us that Marvel is beginning to prepare the MCU for the debut of its greatest villain so far, a character that could make us completely forget about Thanos.

There is no doubt that Thanos is one of the leading characters of the Infinity sagaAlthough the Mad Titan didn’t take center stage until very late in the first three phases of the MCU. The post-credits scenes with Thanos weren’t exciting. Their Avengers: Infinity War and Final game that really allowed the character to shine. Two movies were enough to make us forget all the other villains who populated the MCU before Thanos. He is such an incredible threat that the Avengers had to kill twice in Final gameAnd they would have done it again and again if they had had to face different versions of it.

We hope Marvel knits another Infinity saga style story or multiple stories made from many independent movies and television series. For that to happen, Marvel needs a new team of Avengers, as well as new villains to face them. And Marvel needs at least one other Thanos, an equally complex character that audiences will love to hate for years to come.

Jeremy Conrad from MCU Cosmic provided plenty of scoops and commentary on Marvel’s plans. It revealed in a blog post a few days ago that Marvel is beginning to lay the groundwork for its biggest villain in the MCU. Comic book fans won’t be surprised to hear that that bad boy will be Doctor Doom, a character who was out of Marvel’s reach until Disney acquired Fox.

Marvel has already confirmed that Doom is very much in the picture in the MCU when Kevin Feige said last July that Fantastic four The projects are underway. We have no idea when the First Family will perform, but there is no Fantastic four without Dr. Doom.

Conrad said Fox wasted the opportunity to create a decent Doctor Doom, but Marvel will give the villain “the respect he deserves.” Specifically, Marvel will paint a more complex image of Doom by presenting his kingdom and crafting his background. This will be done with the help of additional key characters from the comics that will help build the character.

Conrad heard that Marvel plans to bring Lucia Von Bardas to the MCU. She is the successor to Doom in the comics after he is deposed as ruler of Latveria:

Since we haven’t been introduced to Doom yet, it’s possible that Lucia Von Bardas could be used as a way to introduce Latveria, perhaps even as its Prime Minister (as in the comics), who would later be replaced by Doom.

However, she is used in the MCU, as they want to bring a character like Lucia Von Bardas shows that Marvel Studios knows that Doctor Doom has much more than just yelling ‘Richards!’ all the time.

As with other Marvel rumors, there is no telling when Bardas will be performing or who will play her. Also, we have no idea if Doom will be featured before that, or if they will appear in Phase 4. I hope that Doom will appear in some of the films and TV series in Phase 4, hopefully more than Thanos did in movies that preceded Infinite war.

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