Florida Mayor Urges People to Give Up “Private Parties at Home”

The mayor of Pinecrest, a small town in Florida county with the most coronavirus infections, warned residents this week that “private parties” are the most dangerous spread of the virus in the area.

Because it is important: Florida reported nearly 9,000 new coronavirus infections in 24 hours on Friday, a massive increase that brings the state’s total to 122,960 cases, reports Marisa Fernández de Axios. Most of the state’s infections are in Miami-Dade County.

What he says: “The law does not allow us to enforce the rules we use in public spaces on private property. Therefore, our current option is to appeal to the common sense and decency of our citizens. This danger comes directly from within,” said the mayor of Pinecrest, Joseph Corradino. said.

  • “We understand the weariness of this situation, particularly during the graduation season and the summer. We understand that young people do not take it seriously. But we ALL must take this seriously,” Corradino said.

The panorama: Young people now account for a greater number of coronavirus infections in the U.S.

By the numbers: Recorded deaths in Florida have decreased in recent days, with nearly 3,400 deaths in total and more than 14,000 people hospitalized, according to the state health department. The state has registered more than 132,000 infections.

Go deeper: Coronavirus cases in the US are on the rise, but deaths are not yet.