Florida community gathering goes viral after residents link ‘devil’ mask law to ‘deep state’

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A community gathering in Florida went viral after residents opposed a “devil’s law” mandating the wearing of masks, which they said was part of a large Deep State, 5G-related conspiracy, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton and pedophiles.

Palm Beach County issued an emergency order requiring the masks beginning Thursday, with a maximum fine of $ 500 for those who do not wear them.

A community gathering erupted with cries of “shame” when the law was unanimously passed after residents’ passionate pleas about what they saw as a threat to the US Constitution failed to move county commissioners.

A video of a woman, widely broadcast on Twitter, accused politicians and doctors of being part of the “Deep State” and said that anyone who went against freedom of choice and wore a mask would be subject to arrest of a citizen.

‘You cannot order … knowing that the mask is killing people … We people are waking up and we know what the arrest of a citizen is. Because the arrests of citizens are already taking place and all those who obey the laws of the devil will be arrested, “he said.

The woman continued a stream of consciousness, with comments including: “You’re trying to get people to train them so that when the cameras come out, 5G, when they are going to scan everyone … We have to scan, we have to have temperature, kids have to go to school wearing masks … Are you crazy? Are you crazy … I think you should all be in a psych ward right now. “

She continued: “What happened to Bill Gates? Why is Hillary Clinton not in jail? Why are all these pedophiles who are demanding that everyone listen to their rules, why are they not in jail? Oh, is it because you are part of them? Are you part of the Deep State?

The gathering, generally only of interest to the Palm Beach community in South Florida, went viral after former basketball star Rex Chapman shared the video on Twitter, garnering nearly 11 million views and spawning mashups with the parody. from local government. Parks and Recreation.

One man urged the commission to honor the constitution, saying he would die for the American flag and the rights they were supposed to uphold, while another woman said “orders from the communist dictatorship” would put the death of many in their hands. .

“The problem with humanity today is ignorance, arrogance and apathy. Keep listening to the television that brainwashes you from birth. Keep listening to conditioning messages at your local stores while you shop, just as Fidel Castro did through loudspeakers in Cuba. Can’t you see the problem? The truth is out there, “said the woman.

Another woman questioned the credentials of the director of the Palm Beach County Health Department, Alina Alonso.

“I have a lot of questions about your titles and what you really know, because what you say is the political dogma that they are trying to shove our throats in every commercial and every store, and it’s gross,” he said.

“And I’m sorry, ma’am, but I don’t think she’s worthy of your credentials and I would suggest suggestively that you go back to school and educate yourself.”

The county placed the mask order after an increase in new coronavirus cases in Florida, which Commissioner Melissa McKinlay said was increasing at a worrying rate.

“We were hoping that the public would be able to self-poll and serve the mayor’s recommendations issued weeks ago, but that is not happening,” he said.

New coronavirus cases in Florida continued to rise to a record number, with more than 5,000 new cases reported for the second consecutive day, bringing the state total to 114,018 cases with 3,422 deaths on Thursday night.

Palm Beach has been one of the most affected counties, with a total of 11,840 positive cases with 499 deaths as of Thursday night.