Five months after celebrating the economy in Wisconsin, Trump returns to a different place

In a statement, the White House said the company planned to invest $ 130 million to improve its facilities and add approximately 1,000 jobs, underscoring the President’s “commitment to bolster the United States’ defense industrial base and secure jobs for the United States. hard working americans. “

Before his comments, Trump toured the plant with four of his executives for about half an hour, at one point observing a welder working on the hull of a ship.

“They are magnificent, fast, with tremendous firepower, all built in Wisconsin, so we are very happy,” said Trump, who was joined by Peter Navarro, his trade adviser and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. All four executives wore masks during the tour; Trump and his advisers did not.

In his speech, the President made the most of the influence of his administration’s company choice to build the next-generation guided-missile frigate at Marinette.

“This is a pillar of his community and he was facing the prospect of a final layoff, and reduced total production, reduced to almost nothing,” he said. “But last April, Marionette’s luck changed and they quickly turned around.”

“It is one of the largest contracts you have seen in the state,” he added.

Democrats hope Wisconsin voters will turn down Trump after seeing him perform for four years in office. And they were encouraged by their success in April, defeating a conservative candidate for the State Supreme Court whom Mr. Trump had enthusiastically endorsed.

Now, the party is betting that the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus, which has infected more than 26,000 people and killed at least 768 in Wisconsin, according to a New York Times count, further alleges the voters.