Fiorina says she will vote for Biden on Trump

Fiorina, who served as CEO of Hewlett-Packard before launching failed offers for the California Senate in 2010 and the White House in 2016, previously disclosed during a podcast interview with The Bulwark in May that he would not vote for Trump.

Fiorina had been open to supporting the president’s reelection effort in December 2019, when she argued that it was “vital” that Trump be impeached by the House of Representatives, but she refused to rule out voting for him in 2020.

Although Fiorina voted for Trump in 2016, the two candidates fought bitterly in that year’s Republican nomination contest, with Trump taunting Fiorina and Fiorina’s physical appearance by rejecting Trump as the “Kim Kardashian of politics.”

After Fiorina withdrew from the primaries in February 2016, Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced two months later that he would select her as his running mate if he were to win the race for the Republican nomination.

He did not, instead he withdrew from the primaries less than a week after choosing Fiorina as his possible vice presidential candidate and ending up as Trump’s second.

In July 2016, Cruz was booed on the floor of the Republican National Convention for urging Republican voters to “vote their conscience,” and has since become an advocate for the President in Congress.