FIFA 21: Professional Mode channels Football Manager with brilliant simulation feature

The popular game mode has undergone a facelift with some exciting new features, allowing for greater dynamism

It has always been all or nothing in FIFA career mode – or users have played a game or simulated it completely.

But in FIFA 21 , EA Sports has added a semi-simulation match feature that will give players more control over their team than ever before.

Now users can watch a football manager-style ‘dot-simulation’ of their match, with the ball pinging around on a mini 2D field, and then with the push of a button being able to jump and control their players as they would in a normal game.

This means that if a gamer really needs a goal to get back in the game, they can take immediate control to help make that happen. Or if they have to stubbornly defend in the dying stages of the game, they can quickly join the gameplay to help marshal the backline.

If that does not interest you, the old options to simply play or simulate the entire 90 minutes will remain in the game as well.

When the player watches a semi-simulated game, data will be available to help them decide what to do next, including player energy levels, game ratings, player statistics, and game plan options.

The ability to make changes in the game or to significantly change all aspects of the team’s tactics will also be an option for gamers of career mode.

In managing teams from the field, features have been added to develop players in various ways. Positions of players will be adjusted through the implementation of special training plans.

For example, Borussia Dortmund star Jadon Sancho’s main position is a straight midfielder, but with his finishing skills the England international could be recruited to add a leading role to his list of positions.

Just don’t expect to make Gerard Pique into a striker, although a high-scoring defender like Virgil van Dijk could be a possibility.

The training plans will not only help players develop new positions and new skills, but they will also help them develop attributes such as the strength of the weaker foot.

Clearly, the extra touches added by EA Sports will be a major upgrade to the career mode and allow users even more interaction and control over their team.

However, it should definitely be an improvement on FIFA 20, which was full of career mode issues at its release.

FIFA 21 hits shelves on October 9 – find everything you need to know about the game here!