Federal judge in Montana calls Trump-backed big voter fraud ‘fiction’

The lawsuit was filed by the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee earlier this month after Democratic Montana Gov. Steve Bullock issued a directive allowing all counties in the state to switch to all mail systems needed for the 2020 election. But District Judge Dana Christens ruled Wednesday against Trump’s campaign and rejected a request to block new voting rules.

In his ruling, the judge blamed Trump-backed “fiction” for widespread voter fraud in the US election.

“For this case, the court needs to separate fact from fiction,” Christens wrote. “… The central argument in (the Trump campaign’s) claims is that the next election will be marred by widespread voter fraud both nationally and in Montana. Evidence suggests, however, that this allegation, especially in Montana, is a fabrication.”

Christensen, who was appointed to the federal bench by former President Barack Obama in 2010, added that there was significant evidence from election experts and others that “there is no particular risk of fraud using the mail ballot.”

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So far, Trump campaign lawsuits in some states across the country have failed to stop the expansion of mail-in voting. A similar case was dismissed in Nevada last week. Unlike Montana, which gives counties the option to hold all-mail elections, the Nevada Legislature decided that all registered voters would automatically receive a mail ballot.

Wednesday’s ruling is a victory for the Bullulls, as it upholds a change in its mandate. Bullo Republican Sen. Steve is fighting Dines, and could flip the seat if he does better than Democrats expect in November.

In a statement, Bullock said: “I am pleased that today’s decision will allow hundreds of thousands of Montana residents to vote safely – in person or by mail – in this upcoming election. Montana can guarantee that our local election administrators will maintain their safety and security. Integrity. “