Fantasy Football Dynasty quarterback ranking: Dwayne Haskins and Cam Newton going up in trend?

Any updates to these dynasty classifications have traditionally included updates on who moved in the past month and why. If you haven’t noticed, not much has happened in the NFL world in the last month that has had much of an impact on Fantasy Football. That’s not uncommon for May and June, but was exacerbated by a lack of minicamps and OTAs. Then you will see similar rankings below like what you saw in May. And instead of looking back, we’ll see three quarterbacks whose value could increase further in the next two to three months.

The first quarterback, and an obvious move, that could see a huge jump in value is Cam Newton. If you sign with Jacksonville or New England, we would expect it to start soon. Buffalo, Washington, Oakland, and Chicago are less likely landing points, but a healthy Newton would unseat those headlines, too. It’s hard to believe that 20% of teams would be better off with Newton as their quarterback, and none of them will sign it. If Newton’s medical or financial reasons keep him out of the field this year, his value could drop again, but it couldn’t drop as much as it could.

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It may already be higher in Dwayne Haskins than the consensus, but there is plenty of room for him to rise. He is a former first-round pick who threw 50 touchdown passes in his final season at Ohio State. He has a new offensive coordinator who just executed one of the happiest offenses in the NFL in 2019 and has an intriguing set of weapons led by Terry McLaurin. Haskins is highly unlikely to be as bad as the beginning of his NFL career. His last two games of 2019 were good, and if he builds on that at camp, there will be an overkill on him like a 2020 breakup.

Justin Herbert is a quarterback I’m probably shorter than most, and that’s at least in part because I’m not sure Herbert will see the field in 2020. The Chargers have built a very good roster around Tyrod Taylor. , who has been perfectly comfortable. as a game manager on a playoff team in the past. If Taylor keeps the Chargers in the playoff career, I don’t expect to see Herbert. But I will admit that if the rookie pushes Taylor into camp and has coaches participating in legitimate competition, I will have to change my tone. If I somehow won the initial job for Week 1, we’d be falling in love with ourselves praising what we could do with Keenan Allen, Austin Ekeler, Hunter Henry, and Mike Williams.

Of course, many other quarterbacks could increase in the coming months. Baker Mayfield could return to the top 10. Mitchell Trubisky could dispatch Nick Foles and show his potential for 2018. Sam Darnold was finally able to showcase the talent that many hoped to see. That is why we will have at least one more update from Dynasty Rankings before the start of the season.

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Here are my updated Dynasty quarterback rankings:

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