Fans call Disney for a disturbing scene in the ’90s movie:’ MY JAW DROPPED ‘

In 1994, Walt Disney Pictures produced a PG comedy “Blank Check” about an 11-year-old boy who suffers a bicycle accident with a fugitive convict and ends up with $ 1 million.

Although the movie is generally fun in the classic ’90s fashion, with tons of cheesy pranks and pranks, there is one small problem: the love interest of the 11-year-old main character is an adult woman.

The 1994 film has recently garnered attention now that it’s available to stream on Disney Plus. On TikTok, user therjpowell shot a now viral video that addresses the film’s controversial kissing scene, calling it “cringey.”

“Tell me why Disney thought it was okay to leave this movie on Disney Plus,” asks therjpowell.

Although the whole concept of an 11-year-old boy falling in love with an adult woman is troubling, therjpowell mentions one particularly troublesome scene in his video: the one in which the 11-year-old boy and the adult woman, an FBI agent named Shay – actually kiss on the mouth.

The tiktokers were incredibly disturbed by this scene, especially after the revelation that the actors in the film were 12 and 31 years old during filming.

“When I told you that my jaw dropped at the end,” said one person.

“VIA THIS FILM A FEW WEEKS AGO AND I FELL IN LOVE!” Another person commented.

“Disney … WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” asked a third person.

When the film was released in ’94, the Chicago Tribune called it “one of the most seedy films ever marketed to children.”

“With its artificial plot, MTV-inspired montages and cheeky product shilling, it’s a tough movie to sell and comes with a decidedly suspect guarantee,” the zero-star review reads. “His mercantile instincts are so primal that he looks like an infomercial … Such a children’s movie (from Disney yet) is a terrifying sign that Hollywood’s sensibilities are so out of control that there is no ethical foundation left.”

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