Fandango launches a mask and social distance guide as movie theaters open


9:38 am PDT 06/23/2020


Pamela McClintock

The new service, which highlights the security measures being taken amid the coronavirus pandemic, was launched on Tuesday.

As theaters begin to reopen across the country, online movie ticketing service Fandango is releasing a new resource guide that will include information on security measures and social distancing.

The service, which launched Tuesday, will feature a summary of mask and protective gear policies and improved cleanup measures will be implemented at more than 100 theater chains. There is also a special search filter to find reopened cinemas by location.

Most of the country’s movie theaters expect to return to work next month. Hollywood’s first new national release is the Russell Crowe thriller Deranged, which Solstice Studios will open on July 10.

“Our mission has always been to serve fans with their entertainment needs, and we are eager to help fans get back on the big screen safely and at the right time,” said Fandango President Paul Yanover. “It is a complicated implementation, with various states, cities and counties opening their headquarters in different phases. We hope Fandango serves as a useful resource for fans to find all the information and services they need for a comfortable return to their local theaters. ”

Last week, AMC Theaters and Regal Cinemas initially said they would not have clients wear face masks, except in jurisdictions where local health authorities require masks. AMC and then Regal quickly changed course following customer protests.