Facebook removes Trump ads on refugees and Covid-19

Facebook said Wednesday it has dropped Trump campaign ads, claiming that accepting refugees from abroad would increase the risks associated with the coronavirus epidemic.

Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone said in a statement: “We reject these advertisements because we do not allow claims that threaten people’s physical safety, health or existence based on their national origin or immigration status.” Is.

The ads include a video of Biden talking about the border, with a text about the “health risks” of the “increase in refugees”. It also alleged that Biden would increase the number of refugees from Syria, Somalia and Yemen by 700 per cent. No sources were cited in the ads.

Before the Trump campaign began running ads with at least 38 different versions on Tuesday, it was determined by Facebook that the ads go beyond the company’s advertising policies.

One version was targeted at Facebook users in Florida and received 5,000 to 6,000 impressions before it was taken down, according to Facebook’s ad online ad library. The second version targeted people in North Carolina and received 60,000 to 70,000 impressions.

President Donald Trump’s campaign also stood behind the announcement, and in a separate statement reiterated that if Biden were president and the refugees were allowed, Americans would be exposed to a greater risk of Covid-19.

“Americans can count on President Trump when it comes to leading our nation out of this crisis and delivering a great American comeback,” campaign spokeswoman Courtney Perella said in a statement.