‘Fable’ will be open-world RPG, not MMO, confirms Insider

There has been some confusion around the new Fable since its announcement last week. The insanely short teaser at the Xbox Series X game event confirmed two things: that the game is called Fable – no Fable 4 – and which is being developed by Forza studio Playground Games, based in the UK.

Unsurprisingly, this vague revealing breakthrough sparked a lot of speculation about what this new Fable it really is. A compelling report from a French journalist who accurately predicted everything else on the Xbox show suggested that the next game would be an MMO and not an open-world RPG in the style of classic Fable games.

Fable / Credit: Microsoft
Fable / Credit: Microsoft

This hasn’t been great with fans who have been waiting for a decade for a new single-player fable, as I’m sure you can imagine. However, it is now reported that Fable It will be the open world RPG we expected … albeit with some online elements.

Multiple sources familiar with the development of the new Fable They have confirmed to Windows Central that the MMO rumors are absolute nonsense. “There may be it online elements like cooperative functionality or limited optional shared spaces, “the publication notes.” But nothing to the extent that it justifies classifying the game as an MMO. ”

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This should be a relief to those of us who hesitate a bit about missing out on a fable single-player adventure. This also follows with some of the first job listings for Fable, which were first shared by Playground Games in 2018. Even the most recent list from a leading screenwriter describes Fable as an open world action RPG, and not as an MMO. A job specification surely would have to be pretty straightforward about something like that, right?

Fable / Credit: Microsoft
Fable / Credit: Microsoft

Hopefully more details on Fable soon. While the CG reveal was incredibly exciting during the 30 seconds it was on, it wasn’t exactly what we expected to see from Microsoft after all this time. We have no idea how advanced the development of the new game is, but you would think that Playground and Microsoft could have shown us a little more, just to calm the fears that fans of the series might have.

The franchise has been dead for ten years and, after all, is now being developed by a studio best known for racing games. If nothing else, showing, or even just narration – us a little more about the new Fable I could have clearly avoided all this MMO speculation.