FA Cup Semifinal Draw: Chelsea will face Manchester United at Wembley

It’s a four-star final for this season’s FA Cup, with Chelsea joining Manchester United, Arsenal and (probably) Manchester City as the last teams in the world’s oldest race cup competition.

These four teams have combined to win 22 of the last 27 editions (since 1992, that is, the era of the Premier League): – Arsenal 8, Chelsea 7, Manchester United 5, Manchester City 2. (And only 2 of those 5 finals did not) have one of the four as the losing team: Liverpool vs. West Ham in 2006 and Portsmouth vs. Cardiff City in 2008.)

City are the defending champions, while Chelsea had won it the previous season.

The trophy represents the last (realistic) opportunity to get a trophy for all four teams this season as well, although at this stage everyone will take things seriously, accessory congestion or accessory congestion not.

For Chelsea, that will mean a clash against Manchester United, a repeat of the 2018 final, with Arsenal and Manchester City (or Newcastle United, in case there is a miracle in the second half today) contesting the other semifinal. . Both games will take place at Wembley, which doesn’t have the ring with no fans in the stands, but that’s how things are going these days.

The semifinals are currently scheduled for the weekend of July 18-19, with the final taking place on August 1.