Extraction EP David Guillod Pleads Not Guilty to Multiple Rape Charges – Deadline

Just over 24 hours after David Guillod turned himself in to authorities on sexual assault charges, the The executive producer pleaded not guilty and was released on $ 1 million bail.

Looking at more than 20 years in prison if convicted on all 11 felony charges, including kidnapping for rape, Guillod is in the process of leaving the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s headquarters, where he spent the night.

Originally, as the deadline was revealed exclusively on Monday, under the terms established before Guillod appeared at the coastal city police store on Monday morning, the producer’s bail had been set at $ 1 million, a fee that Guillod had prepared to pay and retire shortly thereafter.

However, District Attorney Joyce Dudley’s office increased the bond amount to $ 3 million literally within an hour of the producer arriving at 10 am on June 22. “The bond was increased to $ 3 million since that is the amount we consider appropriate in this case.” Senior Deputy DA Jennifer Karapetian told Deadline om on Monday afternoon.

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With that amount now far exceeding what the accompanying surety hoped to publish, Guillod suddenly ended up spending the day and night behind bars as his attorney Philip Cohen sought an emergency hearing in front of Judge Clifford Anderson III this morning.

“Setting the $ 1 million bond at the time of the complaint necessarily begs the question: what new information was discovered by the government between setting the $ 1 million bond on June 12 and the voluntary surrender of Guillod on June 22? ” the Santa Monica-based attorney asked in a bail motion filed Monday night challenging the new bail amount.

“The charges have not changed since June 12,” added the eight-page filing in the Superior Court of California on the initial filing of charges by the Santa Barbara Attorney’s Office this month. “The number of alleged victims has not changed since June 12. Guillod’s record has not changed since June 12.

“The only thing that has changed is that Guillod did exactly what he said he was going to do and gave up exactly at the time and place he said he would do,” Cohen continued in his move, an important part of which was repeated today. . hearing against prosecutors. “Surely, this ‘new’ circumstance of voluntary surrender does not support an increase in the bond above the schedule. The only other new thing the government learned between June 12 and 22 is that Guillod could post bail in the scheduled amount. “

Due to the fact that Guiilod is leaving a cell this afternoon, that audience was clearly tactically successful for him. Atomic blonde EP and his lawyer.

Now that the case has moved to Santa María, in northern Santa Bárbara county, the next hearing on this matter is scheduled for June 30. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it will be a virtual audience through Zoom.

Initially under investigation by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office for the complaints filed in late 2017, Guillod faces lawsuits related to four Jane Does during a period from 2012 to early 2015. In addition to the kidnapping charge, Guillod is also charged. of rape of an unconscious person and rape of a person who cannot resist due to “an intoxicating, anesthetic or controlled substance”.

“Sir. Guillod has been vilified for eight years without having the opportunity to examine his accusers under oath,” Cohen said in a statement yesterday to the former CEO of Primary Wave Entertainment. “Justice is seldom quick, and often it is not easy; but Mr. Guillod is looking forward to clearing his name in the appropriate forum. “