Everton-Liverpool score: Klopp seeks VAR review after controversial side fight; Fear of injury for Van Dijk, Thiago

Liverpool and Everton played a violent, controversial 2-2 game at Goodison Park on Saturday in a Premier League match that looked like they would go into the Reds until they favored the Reds. Tofiz has remained unbeaten and is at the top of the table with the result as Jordan Henderson’s late goal was ruled by the smallest margin considered out of the player’s position.

The Reds took the lead in three minutes, blew the lead twice and stripped all three of their points with a slammed call call which turned out to be the wrong decision.

Everton, who finished the game with 10 men, have not beaten Liverpool in a decade. Star defender Virgil Van Dijk lost the red match and injured the match.

Here are three takeaways from the match:

Everton 2, Liverpool 2 (FT)

Liverpool: Believers (3 ‘)
ટન Everton: Michael Keane (19 ‘)
Ver Liverpool: Advice (72 ‘)
વર Everton: Dominic K. Cal Lovert-Levin (81 ‘)

More VAR controversy

There were many wild moments in the game, but no one was bigger than the video assistant referee canceling what would be the goal for Liverpool to win late. Henderson’s clear winner seemed like a legitimate goal, and it was really surprising that it was being reviewed. But it seems that they have decided that I can see K.L. Take a look:

It’s ridiculous at the moment. Doing unusual things seems like a waste of time. Either make it the top of the shoulder or leg and prevent the fan base from sitting out of these intrusive reviews.

Everton will come away as huge fans of VAR, while Liverpool will hate him more than ever. But we can all agree that it does more harm than good at the moment.

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Liverpool VAR Application Request Review

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was not shy considering his overall situation.

“Look, I’m a true supporter of VAR but you’d expect that, especially with a side fight, you make the right decision after that. Got it, ”Klopp said.“ This time, the picture I once saw on the laptop has no armpits, nothing, we’re just offside.

“Then I did about 10 interviews and everyone tells me he’s not upside down and he doesn’t clearly lift my mood. You all saw it more often. It’s hard. We lost a player in a situation that involved times. Not with Virgil and then maybe in the red card situation scored another and legitimate goal – whatever the word – that doesn’t count. So, obviously we don’t have a day but that was the performance I wanted to see. “

As a result, Liverpool have asked the Premier League to review the VAR decision, which could lead to three costly issues, The Guardian says.

Lucky t of fizz to finish with just a red

Everton could end up with 10 players after facing Richardson’s horror at Thiago Alcantara, but they should end up with nine. How was world goalkeeper Jordan Pickford allowed to stay after he challenged side-dweller Van Dijk?

First, the horror solution:

Now on to Van Dijk: Initially many believed that it could not be reviewed by Van Dijk. The VAR chose to review the fuss, not the possible red card, even though they had it, and they blew up the call. Just look at Van Dijk’s feet:

It should be a red card. It is reckless, dangerous and simply violent. Sure, Pickford probably didn’t mean that way, but that doesn’t stop that fact. Toffees are super lucky.

Van Dijk and Thiago are facing signs of injury

As a result of that nasty challenge, it seems as if Van Dijk could be sidelined for an extended period of time with an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury. While the team is awaiting confirmation, Bean Sports is reporting that the Reds’ star defender is looking at a seven- to eight-month recovery.

Here is what Klopp said after the match:

“I do not know [how serious it is], I don’t know, but it’s not good. Virgil played for us I don’t know how many games in a row. He plays with pain, he plays with pretty much everything, but he couldn’t play forward. That’s not good. ”

Van Dijk is not the only Liverpool player to move towards the scan. Thiago can deal with a knee injury and is led to a scan after Richardson’s red-card challenge. That’s a big blow for the Reds before their Champions League opener on Wednesday.

Better result for Everton in the end

In the end, Tofiz has to take it. They went down twice, got lucky with VAR and should get two red cards. Credit this team for fighting back, not in the cave and continuing to look like a contender.

After this 2-1 goal from Mohamed Salah in the second half, he didn’t realize it because of his creativity, and because Adrian was in Liverpool’s goal.

As Carlo Nce Nslotti’s team was in search of that hero and there is a definite possibility of it, it was once again their most relevant player in Dominic Cal Cal Lovert-Levin, becoming the club’s first player in almost 100 years in his first five Premier League games.

The right result? Probably not. Both teams looked sharp, but VAR went twice against Liverpool when it shouldn’t be.

The result puts Everton in first place, and for that reason, he will be happier than both.