Epic Games will transform Carrie Town Center into its new headquarters by 2024

KERRY, NC (WTVD) – ‘Fortnight’ producer and game publishing giant Epic Games continues to take big steps in the city of Kerry.

The company announced Sunday that it has reached a deal with Turnbridge Equities and Denali Properties to acquire the 980,000-square-foot and 87-acre Carrie Town Center. The ultimate goal is to transform the shopping center into a new campus for Epic Games by 2024.

The facilities will include both office fee buildings and leisure spaces, which will give Epic the flexibility to build a customized campus from the ground up to accommodate its long-term development, a company spokesman wrote.

Epic Games has been well established in Carrie for over 20 years and is currently housed next to Crossroads Boulevard, not far from Dillard Drive. The company plans to operate out of that location until the transition is complete.

Turnbridge and Denali acquired the Carrie Town Center Mall in January, 2019, according to a spokesman for Epic Games.

“We are very proud that Epic has chosen to call Carrie home for their new global headquarters, and we highly appreciate Carrie’s recognition of her company’s existing assets as well as the area’s limitless potential for their growing business,” said Kerry Mayor Harold. Winebreakt. “We look forward to continuing to work closely and collaboratively with the Epic team as they envision their new campus, and we are honored to partner with them on this exciting new development.”

Epic plans to continue working with Carrie, Turnbridge and Denali for development.

“After years of shifting development plans for the center, we are thrilled that the space will be used to its full potential and become something Carrie Town and the community can be proud of,” said Jason Davis, managing director of Turnbridge Equities. ”

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