Epic Games – 15 days free PC games starting December 17 (updated with game list)

Epic Games - 15 days free PC games starting December 17 (updated with game list)

Epic Games announced that they will offer 15 games in their store from December 17th. The company will offer free games every day until the end of the year, in addition to deep discounts on the rest of the store.

Epic’s move is similar to last year’s promotion, where players will be able to skip the free game every day, which will be available for 24 hours between December 17, 2020 and January 1, 2021.

As part of this, Epic Games Store has not revealed which games will be distributed for free, so they will try to keep the mystery and attract the attention of players every day. Last year, the company released a teaser that showed which titles would be distributed for free in the store. In addition to the distribution of free games, Epic Games promises deep discounts on various games during their holiday promotion, reaching up to 75% on the prices of some titles.

When the promotion will start on Thursday.

By the Epic Games Store team
We’re ready for the season to deliver with our most festive sale of the year!

The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale will start on December 17th, and we’ve got some items in store for you. Report up to 75% off deals, but that’s not all ….

At the beginning of December 17th, we will offer a new game every day for two weeks straight – that’s right, it’s 15 days of free games! Only 24 hours claim in each game will be free, but it’s yours to keep forever.

This is a good time to browse and add any games you are interested in to your wish list while logging in to your Epic account – you will receive a notification if you go on sale.

Happy (early) holidays, everyone!

We have an elite list pair that has been leaked. The first game will be active on December 17 at 5pm, so we will receive the last game on December 31st. At this point, of course, the winter sale will begin at the Epic Game Store, where you can buy a few games for the little ones if needed. We’re not 1005 sure about this list, but if it’s true, it would be awesome since it’s Triple-A games. No promises yet.

Epic Games Store Free Games List

  • 17.12. – The light of death
  • 18.12. – Resident Evil 7
  • 19.12. – The Witch 3
  • 20.12. – Mass Effect Andromeda
  • 21.12. – Assassins Creed Origins
  • 22.12. – Metal Gear Solid V
  • 23.12. – Evil Inside 2
  • 24.12. – Far Cry 5
  • 25.12. – Fall 4
  • 26.12. – Borderlands 3
  • 27.12. – Monster Hunter World
  • 28.12. – Dragon Age Inclusion
  • 29.12. – Horizon Zero Dawn
  • 30.12. – Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • 31.12. – Hitman 2

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