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MUMBAI: The Maharashtra government has launched an exclusive website to issue electronic passes to people who want to enter or leave the state. People who want to travel in and out of Maharashtra must register to get the electronic pass on the official website and provide information on why and where they want to travel. District officials will review the details submitted by applicants before approving the electronic pass.
If you intend to enter or leave Maharashtra, you must first register on the official website for the electronic pass. Please note that Google login is required for the electronic pass app. So if you don’t have a Google login, you need to create it first and then request the electronic pass. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the electronic pass in Maharashtra:
How to apply Maharashtra e-pass?
1) Open the Maharashtra travel e-pass application link: https://forms.gle/22xv3s6ACAkHZjzk8 and log in with your Google account
2) Select the option where you want to travel, and then click ‘Next’
3) An online application form will open
4) Fill in your details such as: name, mobile phone number, date of birth / age, address, area for which the electronic pass is needed, etc.
6) You must also upload the identity document, the applicant’s photo, the type of vehicle and the vehicle number, the medical document and click send
7) Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by district authorities
8) After approval, the electronic pass with the passenger and vehicle details will be sent to the applicant by SMS and email. The e-pass can also be viewed, downloaded and printed from the website.
Phase 3 of the closure in India will end on May 17, 2020. Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray on Thursday indicated that the closure may extend until the end of May in the red zones of the state, especially in the metropolitan regions of Mumbai and Pune.