England will end the downdown, shift to tiered COVID-19 restrictions

The office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday that he plans to end his country’s national lockdown early next month and move England towards a tighter tier system, so that Covid-1 Will fight more.

England entered a month-long national lockdown in November and December. There are plans to remove those restrictions starting at 2. Instead of a massive lockdown, the country will impose restrictions in some regions.

“The prime minister and his scientific advisers are clear that the virus is still present – and without regional restrictions, it could quickly get out of control again before vaccines and mass testing are affected,” the spokesman said. “This will jeopardize the country’s progress and once again put unbearable pressure on the NHS (National Health Service).”

Prior to the latest lockdown, the country was divided into three tiers, which closed non-essential businesses and allowed people to leave their homes just for work and other necessities. Since then, the country has seen a decline in the number of infections, although officials still call for strict preventive measures.

Johnson is set to unveil a new Covid Winter Plan on Monday, discussing it with cabinet members and presenting the plan in Parliament. On Thursday, the ministers are set to announce in which constituency they will come, Reuters reported.

Lawmakers will also have the opportunity to vote before the system is implemented. Some lawmakers are opposing measures that would shut down industries and potentially negatively impact the economy, Reuters reported.

The United Kingdom has the highest COVID-19 mortality in Europe.