Emma Roberts pregnant with baby boyfriend Garrett Hedlund

You alone to know her son is going to bully X Æ A-12.
Photo: Matt Baron / Shutterstock / Matt Baron / Shutterstock

Congratulations Julia Roberts, you will be a great-aunt. Emma Roberts welcomes a new Chanel to this messy big brotherhood we call life. We weekly Reports that Nancy Drew She herself is pregnant with her first child and her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund. For those of you who may have missed the news why not have Google Alerts configured for the entire cast of Strong countrythe two began dating in 2019 after Roberts ended their engagement to a long-standing on-off partner and American horror story co-star Evan Peters. Before the quarantine shook the paparazzi-celebrity-couple-photo-industrial complex for the worse, Roberts and Hedlund had been seen in abundance in Los Angeles. Now you can ask, what is the best color to paint a nursery? And the answer is obviously Aquamarine.