Emily Ratajkowski is blonde now

She documented the entire process, which took 7.5 hours.

Emily Ratajkowski is one of the most recognized brunettes on Instagram, or at least she was awake until yesterday. Today, the model, actor and designer revealed that she is now blonde and of course she looks amazing.

While it is not the first time that Emrata has gone blonde (remember this 2017 look?), It is definitely her lightest hair color yet.

He posted this video so you can see his blonde hair in all its glory.

Emily also documented the entire process in her Instagram story, where she shared images from the room.

Apparently, she spent 7.5 hours turning blonde: “I got on the chair around 9:00 am and left around 4:30 PM. But we were also doing well,” she told ELLE.

“I did it!” She posted later on her Instagram story, sharing a ton of photos of her new blonde look.

“We did the first stage. Then we did a second one. The colorist made a mask,” he explained to ELLE. “Then we went to fix the roots. I didn’t want a streaky or streaky blonde. If I’m going to be blonde, I want to go blonde.”

Her new blonde hair is inspired by Pamela Anderson and Sharon Tate: “I looked at a lot of photos,” she said. “I was a little nervous yesterday to be honest with you, but now I feel great about it.”

According to Emrata, he is definitely having more fun.

Instagram / @emrata

“It’s early, but I can tell I’m definitely having a lot of fun. That’s the beauty of fashion and beauty. Especially when the world has all these things.”

“It is truly a wonderful way to be in control of your body and your appearance and have fun with your existence. I think the transformations and having fun with your appearance is a joyous thing that more women should be involved in.”

That new joy is clearly shining.

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