Elon Musk’s ‘guess’ could send a spacecraft to Mars just like SpaceX 2024

If you want to go to Mars, time is everything, and Elon Musk now thinks that SpaceX will deliver it to the red planet in 2022 when the next window of opportunity opens.

Leaving this world was the world’s leading fan Earlier it was hoped to send a robotic mission to Mars in 2022, A few years after the crew tour. During an interview at the Mars Society’s Virtual Conference on Friday, Musk said he now thinks his next pay-generation starship spacecraft could be ready soon in 2023, just in time for the 2024 launch window.

The orbits of Earth and Mars around the Sun bring about two planets closer to each other every two years. That’s why we saw Three robotic missions for our neighboring worldOne, including NASA’s Perseverance Rover, launches within a week of July.

“I think we have a chance to fight,” Musk said of creating the 2024 Mars transport window.

To get there, Musk says his team will need to pick up the pace of his innovation and he’s not afraid to break a few things down the road.

Asked about the development process for the starship, he said, “We’ll probably lose a few ships,” designed to take dozens of people to Mars at a time.

So far, early Starship prototypes have built short, low-altitude “hops” from the SpaceX test facility in Texas. And it may soon begin its journey to the moon.

The company’s founder and chief engineer warned that it has no secret date for achieving these goals.

“This is just a guess,” Musk told Zombie Society President Robert Zuberin on Zoom.

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The SpaceX Starship prototype takes the first ‘hop’


As for who is going to Mars, Musk said that once there are a million people who both want to go to the red planet and can afford it, that should be enough to sustain the city. So in other words, it seems that the first Matrians are likely to be from a wealthy land.

Once on Tuesday, Musk said, the first order of business would be to install a propellant plant. He also mentioned the idea of ​​sending robotic droids to Earth so that people could control them remotely from Earth.

Naturally, Musk also has designs on more than Mars. He mentioned the idea of ​​visiting Starship or another craft Venus’s suddenly exciting atmosphere, The largest asteroids, Jupiter’s moon and even the Kuiper belt and the farthest reaches of the solar system.

“We need to jump to another planet first,” he said.